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  • Get fall samples from Zip Submit!

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    Dr. Seuss brings you into the world of knowledge and interests! His books will surely help you learn new things and discover cool stuff as you read along! Receive a 4x Dr. Seuss books for only $0.99! 1 Click here to visit the Sign Up Page. 2 Enter your information. 3 Submit.

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  • Get a scholarship with Scholarship Zone!

    Scholarship Zone provides scholarships worth $10,000 for those pursuing a degree in college/university! They have program information to help you get started and to help you fulfill your academic goals! Receive a scholarship from them! 1 Click here to begin. 2 Enter your personal details as requested in a form. 3 Then follow the instructions […]

  • Get legal aid with the Yaz Injury Legal Center!

    The Yaz Injur Legal Centre provides legal to those who have experienced serious medical problems with the Yaz product! Individuals who are injured as a result of the drug can seek legal aid with them! Receive help when you sign up with them! 1 Click here to sign up. 2 Enter your pesonal details as […]

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  • Customize your home delivery with FedEx!

      FedEx keeps track of your delivered packages with their real-time updates! They also allow you to manage your shipments based on your desired schedule! Start receiving alerts or messages and customize your deliveries with them! Click here to start customizing your delivery.  

  • Get a BOGO offer from Puritan’s Pride!

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  • Get coupons and more with Kellogg’s!

      Kellogg’s is a food manufacturing company headquartered in Michigan, United States! They provide healthy foods ranging from cereals to snacks and they have an official site for occasional recipes! Get exclusive coupons and earn rewards from your favorite Kellogg’s brands!   Click here for the coupons and rewards.